Big Thrift Energy Book

The Art and Thrill of Finding Vintage Treasures-Plus Tips for Making Old Feel New Picked as a “Best New Book” by People Magazine, Big Thrift Energy will teach you everything you need to know about shopping for affordable vintage home decor and styling it in a modern home. From a Goyard trunk worth upwards of $10,000 (scored for $90) to a floor-length vintage Christian Dior cape (a $10 Goodwill find), Virginia knows how to find deals. Big Thrift Energy will teach you: • Where to shop for antique and vintage treasures you’ll love • The best things to buy used, and which items to pass on • How to upcycle something old into something “you” and make it fit beautifully in your home • How to tell when something is valuable, and tips for reselling it to make a profit  DETAILS: Author: Virginia Chamlee Hardcover: 192 pages CATEGORIES: books, thrifting, gifts, home decor, boho, vintage, furniture