About us

Hello! My name is Erica, and I am the human lady behind The Land of Salt. I was born and raised in the beautiful Salt Lake valley of Utah. Having grown up among the rocky mountains, salt flats, red rock and desert landscape, I have never been short on inspiration and beauty in my life, nor could I imagine living anywhere else.

I started making jewelry in 2012, and it became a quick and steamy love affair. In 2015, I opened a brick and mortar store in a shared space with another talented jeweler (Mineral and Matter). With the help of a very awesome production assistant, my strapping husband, family, and sidekick bulldog, I somehow manage to pull off the jewelry business as well as working a full time job at a local industrial real estate brokerage.  

When I find a bit of spare time, I love to travel, binge watch netflix, and keep the target home goods section in business.