Classic Cocktail Deck

You don't need to be a professional to make delicious drinks at home. All you need are a few carefully curated spirits and The Classic Cocktail Deck.

Cocktail aficionado Faith Hingey provides you with a deck of 75 cards featuring simple but iconic cocktails complete with beautiful photos and a concise guide to bar stocking and cocktail making. You'll be shaking and stirring up the classics from Sidecars and daiquiris to Manhattans and negronis — and impressing your guests — in no time! Adapted from Classic Cocktails Done Well, this deck includes:75 classic cocktails made with ease. Master the martini, fine-tune your French 75, and perfect your Paloma with just a few core spirits, liqueurs, and everyday ingredients. Spill-resistant, wipe-clean cards. Durable cards that can handle an accidental spill or two. Built-in stand. So you can easily see the recipes — no more awkwardly bending over or holding open a book to read the next step. Author - Short: Hingey, Faith Pages (actual): 80